Courses that I teach at the moment:

Economic Development (MSc, Manchester University, UK)

Behavioral Development Economics (MSc, Manchester University, UK)

Courses that I taught in the past:

International Finance for Development (MSc, Manchester, University, UK)

Financial Markets and Corporate Governance (MSc, Manchester University, UK)

Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics (MSc, Brunel Univesity, UK)

Labor Economics (Undergraduate, Year 4, Rutgers Univeresity, USA)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate, Year 2, Brunel University, UK)

Economic Development (Undergraduate, Year 2, Brunel University, UK)

Introduction to Microeconomics (Undergraduate, Year 1, Brunel University, UK)

Mathematics for Economists (Undergaduate, Year 1, Brunel University, UK)

Field trip:

Bulgaria (2013)

Ph.D. students:

Peter Agamile: The potential of the new African green revolution for food and income security: critical assessment of the status of smallholder farmers in central Uganda (principal supervisor)

Lina Khrais: Labour markets and female empowerment in Jordan (principal supervisor)

Virgi Sari: State of art in social exclusion in Indonesia: does the social protection scheme protect the excluded (principal supervisor)

Kevwe Pela: Entrepreneurship in Nigeria (principal supervisor)

Olabimtan Adebowale: Access to finance in Nigeria (principal supervisor)

Graham Whitham: Child poverty in the UK (co-supervisor)

Juliet Ongwae: Mobile money innovations in Kenya (co-supervisor)

Lawrence Ado Kofie: Distributional aspects of educational access and attainment in Ghana (co-supervisor)