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Last update: April, 2021
Special Issues in Journals:

Understanding the links between labour and development (co-edited with Christophe. Nordman), European Journal of Development Research, 26(4), 2014. download introduction

Institutions: Evolution, path dependency and anachronisms (co-edited with Antonio Savoia), Journal of Development Studies, 2016. DOI: .


Selected articles in peer reviewed journals (full list of publications is available in the detailed CV)
Crop choice, drought and gender: New insights into smallholders' response to weather shocks in Uganda (with P. Agamile and J. Golan), Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2021: 10.1111/1477-9552.12427
Performance of large scale irrigation projects in sub-Saharan Africa (lead author: T. Higginbotton; co-authors: T. Foster, R. Adhikari and S. Redicker), Nature Sustainability, 2021: 10.1038/s41893-020-00670-7
The political economy of child labor. Handbook of labor, human resources and population economics:2021:

 Off-farm labor supply and correlated shocks. New theoretical insights and evidence from Malawi. (with S. Gangopadhyay, K. Michaelowa and A. Weber). Economic Development and Cultural Change, 63, 361-391, 2015. download

Is women's ownership of land a panacea in developing countries? Evidence from land owning households in Malawi (with S. Bhaumik and I. Gang). Journal of Development Studies,

The impact of food and economic crises on diet and nutrition (with I. Gang, D. Hoffman and P. Gbakou), Journal of Development Studies, 2014: DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2014.957274. download

Remittances and chain migration: longitudinal evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina (with F.C. Wolff), Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming. download

The global food crisis: disaster, opportunity or non-event? (with P. Gbakou), World Development, 46, 185-196, 2013. download

Good and bad institutions: is the debate over? Cross-country firm level evidence from the textile industry. (with S. Bhaumik). Cambridge Journal of Economics, 38(1), 109-126, 2013.

Does human capital endowment of FDI recipient countries really matter? (with S. Bhaumik), Review of Development Economics, 17(3), 559-570, 2013.

Do downward private transfers enhance maternal labor supply? (with F.C. Wolff), Journal of Population Economics, 24(3), 911-933, 2011.

Allocation of labor in urban West Africa. Insights from the pattern of labor supply and skill premiums (with C. Nordman and F. Roubaud). Review of Development Economics, 14(1), 74-92, 2010.

Upstream transfers and the donor’s labour supply. Evidence from migrants living in France (with F.C. Wolff), The Manchester School, 77(2), 204-244, 2009.

Are private transfers poverty and inequality reducing? (with F.C. Wolff), Journal of Comparative Economics, 36(4), 584-598, 2008.

Grandchild care transfers by ageing immigrants in France: Intra-household allocations and labour market implications (with F.C. Wolff), European Journal of Population, 24(3), 315-340, 2008.

Self-selection and wages during volatile transition (with I. Gang), Journal of Comparative Economics, 35(3), 612-619, 2007.

Selected current research programmes/work in progress:

Behavioral preferences and invesments in children:  field experiments in Ivory Coast (with A. Basu)