Short curriculum vitae
Research with links to papers

Courses that I teach at the moment:
Economic Development (MSc, Manchester University, UK)
International Finance for Development (MSc, Manchester University, UK)
Courses that I taught in the past:
Financial Markets and Corporate Governance (MSc, Manchester University, UK)
Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics (MSc, Brunel Univesity, UK)
Labor Economics (Undergraduate, Year 4, Rutgers Univeresity, USA)
Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate, Year 2, Brunel University, UK)
Economic Development (Undergraduate, Year 2, Brunel University, UK)
Introduction to Microeconomics (Undergraduate, Year 1, Brunel University, UK)
Mathematics for Economists (Undergaduate, Year 1, Brunel University, UK)

Field work as part of my teaching activities

In 2013 I organized a field trip to Bulgaria for Masters Students in Development Economics and Public Policy. Here is the schedule of the trip and a video (and story) that the World Bank office in Sofia prepared.

 Ph.D. Students:

Ph.D. students that I currently supervise and their dissertation topics:

Virgi Sari: State of art in social exclusion in Indonesia: does the social protection scheme protect the excluded (principal supervisor)

Kevwe Pela: Employment, labour productivity and their links to education and training in Africa (principal supervisor)

Olabimtan Adebowale: Microfinance in Nigeria (principal supervisor)

Graham Whitham: Child poverty in the UK (co-supervisor)

Juliet Ongwae: Mobile money innovations in Kenya (co-supervisor)

Lawrence Ado Kofie: Distributional aspects of educational access and attainment in Ghana (co-supervisor)

On the dissertation committee of

MD Shafiul Azam: Microfinance in Bangladesh (Economics, SoSS, University of Manchester)

Marta Guerriero: The labour share, globalisation and democracy (IDPM, SEED, University of Manchester)

Mohammad Ibrahim: Rural off-farm employment in Nigeria (University of Reading)

Qiaoyuan Lin: Inequality of income and inequality of opportunity in China (Middlesex University, London)



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